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Always think Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe for all of your current and upcoming wedding cake, anniversary, birthday, holiday, and custom cake order needs. We specialize in custom fondant, Royal Icing, Mascarpone and butter cream cakes. It is our absolute mission to be known as the “Best Bakery” in the Hampton roads area. And Yes, we make Vegan, Gluten-Free and Alergy Friendly Cakes


Elegant and Delicious Custom Made Wedding Cakes for Every Occasion

Here at Ethereal Cupcakes, we are dedicated to providing only the best All Natural or Organic cakes that can purchased anywhere.  All of our cakes are made 100% from scratch! We would NEVER use cake mixes or store bought frosting.

They are without question the best value for your hard earned dollars that you’ll find anywhere!

Full cakes and Cake/cupcake combinations are a staple for any celebration, which is why we pride ourselves in being able to honestly say that you’re ALWAYS going to find ONLY the choices hand selected ingredients at Ethereal Cupcakes, again, you’re NEVER find cheap cake mixes or re-purposed frozen cakes in an Ethereal kitchen.

Cake Choices

Four Categories: Romantic, Modern,  Beach,  and Classic

Hampton roads wedding cakes

hampton wedding cakes

Triple Valrhona Chocolate Cakes – these are the bread and butter (pun intended) of our custom cakes and can ONLY be found at Ethereal Cupcakes. Made from some of the finest European chocolates that can be purchased. The flavor that Ethereal Cupcake’s guest have come to know and love, mixed up into a SUPER moist and mouth-watering cake that can be covered with our secret recipe ganache and/or our one-of-a-kind homemade butter creams. Everything can then be topped off with customized fondant, custom lettering or even photos or pictures of your choice!

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Cakes – if you want to bite into an extra light and dangerous delicious piece of heaven made with 100% pure Madagascar vanilla beans, then you’ve come to the right place. Our cakes are strictly made with the finest vanilla beans on the planet! Our delicious vanilla cakes will definitely satisfy your taste for elegantly prepared confections and every single bite will be an independently beautiful little slice of heaven.

Ethereal Cupcakes has a full staff of the finest bakers and cake decorators that will do all that they can to positively ensure that your every expectation is met and assist you in planning any occasion you may have in mind!

Want to learn more about our custom cakes? Check our gallery of cake examples or simply contact us at our Hampton Roads branch and arrange a cake tasting. We have over 200 flavors to choose from!


Cake Bases and Toppings

Simply Scrumptious Cupcakes for All Occasions

We’re not named Ethereal Cupcakes for nothing! Our cakes and Cupcakes are truly the finest in Hampton Roads. Couple that with the incredible versatility of cupcake or cake/cupcake arrangement combinations and the number of options are nearly infinite. Our Custom Cake and Cupcakes are the perfect solution for any and all occasions. From simple celebrations with friends and family to the most lavish of soirees.

The only question left to ask is simply, what can our Certified Pastry Chefs at Ethereal Cupcakes offer to make your celebrations uniquely you?

Moist and Delicious Cupcake Bases

Our meticulous preparation and insistence on using only the highest quality ingredients (Absolutely no cake mixes here….EVER!!!) We make sure that every single one of our custom cakes that lovingly exit out of our ovens are mixed and baked to perfection. Each bite you take yield a firm, moist layer of cake with flavors that explode in your mouth. All of our over 120 delicious flavors are also available for custom cake orders.

Delightfully Tasty Cupcake Toppings

What's a cupcake without all that beautiful frosting? Again No pre-bought frostings made of powdered sugar and lard will ever be found in our kitchen (see how many other bakeries can honestly say the same). Whether you are seeking Creamy, tangy, spicy, even savory hand-made frosting you simply will not find it better than at Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe. Try any of our delicious bakes goods and You’ll quickly discover that the taste of all of our delicious all natural flavors will instantly come bursting unto your taste buds from the first bite until the last. From the heavenly taste of our chocolates to our sinfully scrumptious secret recipe cream cheese you are going to instantly tell that you are experiencing something truly special. In addition we make sure that all of our fruit slices used to top our cakes and cupcakes are candied. To lock in every drop of fruit freshness, so no withered and stale fruit topping here.

Want to learn more about our custom cakes and cupcakes? Want to place an order for your party or upscale soiree? Contact us today because our helpful staff would just love to assist you with creating your personalized vision for filling all your custom cake and cupcake related needs!


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