Suffolk, VA Rory.J

It's not often a store names itself with the most apt word to describe it's product, but this place nailed it. Ethereal.  Not sure it's a sustainable business model in Hampton, VA, but that basically gives me a reason to go more often. They have amazing service, immediately upon walking in you are greeted and they give you a 1-2 minute spiel on their all organic cupcakes, gluton-free and vegan options offered daily, etc. I'm sure a lot of people really care about that stuff, but I was there for the taste, not the process. And amazingly, they managed to do both right. Listen, folks, they could have made these things from the remnants of burned tires and I would be back. They offer free wi-fi, so I opted to dine in and get some work done between meetings. They have a few tables and a cozy area with a few armchairs and a coffee table. Onto to good stuff. I ordered the salted caramel cupcake and a coffee. The coffee was really great, fresh brewed with quality beans. The cupcake was...ethereal. Seriously. The frosting was light and fluffy with a hint of salt in the sweetness. The cake was a chocolate and it was so moist it was ALMOST mushy -- but it wasn't. I ordered another to 'take home to my husband' - aka eat it at home later before he even sees it. It was the bacon one, yes BACON cupcake. It, too, was amazing. It wasn't a paltry nod to bacon with bits crumbled on top of the frosting, it tasted like brown sugar and bacon throughout the entire cupcake.  I am already planning my next trip to Hampton to hit this place up.                                                                                                

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